Our approach to training is founded on the 7 pillars of human movement & the development of a strong core;

“Push – Pull – Bend – Squat – Twist – Lunge – Gait & Core”


In facilitating the training, we adopt specific training formats and delivery modes.


Strength training

  • Power & strength training classes incorporating a variety of timing protocols.
  • Utilising a variety of equipment from old skool to new skool functional.

  • In gym small & corporate group sessions.
  • Individual personal & semi-private training.
Bodyweight conditioning

  • Delivered by accredited ZUU affiliate coaches.
  • Injury prevention and top end conditioning streams designed to maximise your throughout to test your mental and physical stamina.
Coaching Pathways (online)

  • Our online delivery of tailored programs consisting of 12-week training blocks.
  • Fully integrated sessions covering, strength, power, mobility & conditioning training.
  • Periodical nutritional guidance is also available.