Hi there FitFam,

Can you believe it, Christmas is upon us already. It was only a short time ago we’re were complaining here in Sydney about winter weather (hmmm … nowhere as rough as other states in AU or places where our international family members reside … but we’ll complain either way … ha!)

So going into this festive season, here’s some tips. Take them at your discretion, but as always, I’ll deliver them direct with the sugar.

  1. Don’t hammer your face with alcohol at every damn chance!
  • Beer 5% – 375 ml – 135 cals |  Light beer 2.2% – 375 ml – 94 cals
  • Low carb beer 4.8% – 375ml – 110 cals |  White wine sweet – 200ml – 189 cals
  • White wine dry – 200ml – 135 cals |  Red wine – 200ml – 133 cals
  • Spirits – 1 nip 30ml – 60 cals |  Cider – 200ml – 75 cals
  • Water – any qty – 0 cals
  1. Everything in moderation.

Yes … m-o-d-e-r-a-t-i-o-n … food, alcohol, sweets, sun, and yes, even exercise. Not everyone will train their ass off every day. Some of us just do, it’s routine, but there will be days off here and there.

  1. Make time for exercise

It may be gym time, a brisk walk or run, some active leisurely activities. Make it part of what you are doing, especially if your desk bound during this time. Get up every hour, walk for 5mins, stretch, do some jumping jack even … by the end of the day, you’ll have amassed some effort.

  1. Don’t fall into the BS trap of a Fit-based New Year’s Resolution.

Way too many people F-A-I-L.

Yes, in fact, 77% of people Fit-based resolutions DON’T make it past week 1. After that, only 55% stuck at it for a month. Thereafter, the drop off rate is like Santa’s naughty list filling up fast.

Keep it simple -> Make a commitment to yourself that’ll your effort over time will increase, rather than set some goal you’ll not zone in on and lose focus.


2018 The Year Of ???

For some of you, it will be a defining year. Could be graduation, new roles, new partners & friends, children, career changes, regrettably we’ll see loved one’s pass on … such is the circle of life.

One thing I can offer … if you are given an opportunity to try or do something different – GRAB IT WITH BOTH HANDS. We use the tagline, Expand Your Comfort Zone … it’s not just about working out or the physical pursuits … it’s about mentally accepting the choice.

For us, there is an opportunity in the immediate future we’re going to tackle. It’s a bit out there, but worthy of taking on the challenge. Keep an eye out for the term  D – A – D – I – T – U – D – E !

Additionally, we’ve already launched some parallel offers to new FitFam members which are seeing some great results. So, it’s about doing some things different. And to that end, we are changing the way we run our sessions.

We’re moving away from the 30-minute session and have opted for a 45-minute format in 2018 which is complimentary to the new structure of our Coaching Pathways programs we’ve been running in our City of Sydney training facility , Interesting Fitness (14 Clarence Street).

Accordingly, our rates will change and we understand this will be received differently by each of you. We’d love to see you continue, for those not currently training – we’d love to see you back.

Rates will reflect the frequency of sessions & number of participants per session. Contact us for specific details on the following;

  • PT 1:1 sessions,
  • Semi-private sessions (2 – 8 persons), and
  • Our Online Coaching Pathways programming (a min 4 sessions per week delivered electronically).

We’re getting great results from PT clients and gym members who are following the programs. From some it’s been weight loss, others the focus is on energy systems & for some, we’ve not focussed on the figures but in shape & mental transformation.
Enjoy the festive season ahead and for those pushing forward, see you in 2018!.

​Yours in fitness,




Coach Dom



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