Monday 14 September 2015: Spartan Race Ultra Beast Recap

Well …. to start off, an apt quote today is …


SRA - UB Mel Course 150912

Saturday’s Spartan Race Ultra Beast saw near 300 competitors brave the cool morning, at times high winds, and 4 very cold water crossings as part of the 42km 70+ obstacle event at Lake Dewar YMCA Lodge, Victoria.

The course seen us run a wide outer loop of he surrounding area before returning inside to loop over, under, through the main event area and nearby bushland, navigating our obstacles and the packs of new waves running the beast (21km) and Sprint (7km) events throughout the day.

For me, it was  a lesson in patience. Not concerned about time, but the opportunity to run it as injury free as I could and whilst not concerned, do it in a semi decent time.

Lap 1

Lap 1 was a nice pace. Running the flats and downhills and walking the inclines to save my legs for the distance. To those runners running hills, I salute you! Damn spear throw got me twice but everything else obstacle wise was good. The only other 30 pack of burpees was a slip on the wall traverse at the, get this, very last hold … arghhhh!!!!!


After 3hr 15min, was back in transition feeling OK apart from a sore left knee. Chowed into a cabbage salad I’d prepared and a tin of tuna whilst others munched on bananas. Repacked the hydration bladder with electrolytes and some snacks for lap 2 then partially stripped to tape me knee. An omen you might say. Though about changing my compression gear but when I realised I’d spent too long in transition and my HR was falling, I was out back on course.

Lap 2

Should have change clothes. Not 5 minutes back the winds picked up and it started to drizzle. I was shivering. Numpty! So, I picked up the pace a bit to then realise the pain in the knee was more than usual. Slowed the pace and got back up to the spear throw. Another 30 pack!

Burpees done as fast as I could then down to the gorge and boom, stepped in a pot hole, managed to save the ankle but in doing so took a fall onto the left knee. No one near to hear the alphabetic expletives (i.e. one for every letter of the alphabet). A few fellow FB friends caught up and past and offered the spartan words of encouragement and off back up the gorge to go back down with the sandbags. From here, the pace slowed for the remainder like Cliff Young’s shuffle. That said, still managed to keep a 10 min / km pace. Day after, the hips are not forgiving me for it. Professional walkers, I salute you too! That’s damn hard!


Entering back into the festival area I saw some friends reminding me it was not far till the end. In, hi, smile, wince, then back out for the final few km then back into the festival area to complete the days events.

A few words with fellow competitors, hugs with others who all braved the same events, quick tidbits share on the course and how we faired then off to collect my gear.

I was too cold after a few minutes to think about showers.So grabbed the gear and wrapped the towels around me for the drive back. Stopping on route home to get a coffee I was still shivering until I manged to drink half and scoff down some chicken nuggets.


Recovery has been better, much better, than I expected. However, after dinner that night it was hard to get up from the chair and walk to the room. Inside and 2 minutes I was asleep face down across the bed.

Morning and airport was calling early. Like a hobbled horse I carried my clear plastic container (to show I had food and hydration during the race) to the gate.

Sunday, the knee’s were sore, the arches of my feet and parts of my glutes mad me wince at times. But, apart from a niggling lower left shin splint pain, Monday I’m good. Not sore, just mindful what was done on the weekend.

So, a series of stretches, a light XT circuit of deadlifts, squats, KB swings then right into a shockwave class and I’m feeling good.


To those at the event who we’ve known via FB, the Aussie Invaders group and from prior Spartan events and volunteering, it was great to catch up. To the older crowd of us joking about zimmer frames on course, a big Hooyah!

Next Spartan venture is the stadium races – Super and Sprint, at ANZ Stadium next month with some minor races in between.